Moving Tips

Self Moving?

  • Does arranging your own move make financial sense?
    Calculate the cost of packing boxes and materials, truck rental including fuel, insurance and a qualified driver, meals for your help.
    Be prepared to rent a larger truck than you think you need. It saves time to make the move in one trip.

  • How many hours will the move take?

  • How many people are needed to make it work?

  • Is it worth the risk of injury to one of your helpers?

A Professional Mover.

  • Ask Family, Friends or Neighbours for recommendations.

  • Have several Moving Companies complete written estimates including type of insurance/replacement cost details.

  • Checklist of Provideers to notify of your Move:

  • Electricity,Gas,Water, Phone, Internet and Cable, Insurance, Bank, Credit Cards, Doctor, Dentist.

  • Friends and Family, Church, Social and Sports Clubs.

Day of Move Checklist:

  • Be packed and ready for the Movers/Helpers when they arrive.

  • Make sure Movers have clear directions to your new home and someone there to greet them.

  • Make sure Moving Truck has a convenient place to park. Mark off the parking area with cones.

  • You don't want the Moving Truck to block a neighbours driveway.

  • Encourage everyone to stay off the neighbours lawn/yard.

  • Provide food and refreshments for your Family and Movers.

  • Leave your house as clean as you would like to find your new house.

  • Clean as much as you can before moving day and a final clean up when Movers are done.

  • Do a final walk-thru of all rooms.

  • Leave remote controls for Garage Door Openers.

  • Label and leave all keys for new owners.

Moving with Children:

  • Educate the children with information about the move and include them in discussions and decisions that they understand.

  • Encourage them to be involved in packing before and moving day activities. Participation will help to adjust to the leaving and

  • arrival at the new home.


  • Start with the kitchen, then bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Reduce the stress. Give yourselves an extra day to unpack. It may take a few evenings as well.