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Self  Moving?


Does arranging your own move make financial sense? 

Calculate the cost of packing boxes and materials, truck rental including fuel, insurance and a qualified driver, meals for your help.


Be prepared to rent a larger truck than you think you need. It saves time to make the move in one trip.


How many hours will the move take?

How many people are needed to make it work?

Is it worth the risk of injury to one of your helpers?



A Professional Mover.


Ask Family, Friends or Neighbours for recommendations.

Have several Moving Companies complete written estimates including type of insurance/replacement cost details.



Checklist of Provideers to notify of your Move:


Electricity,Gas,Water, Phone, Internet and Cable, Insurance, Bank, Credit Cards, Doctor, Dentist.


Friends and Family, Church, Social and Sports Clubs.



Day of Move Checklist:


Be packed and ready for the Movers/Helpers  when they arrive.

Make sure Movers have clear directions to your new home and someone there to greet them.

Make sure Moving Truck has a convenient place to park. Mark off the parking area with cones.

You don't want the Moving Truck to block a neighbours driveway.

Encourage everyone to stay off the neighbours lawn/yard.


Provide food and refreshments  for your Family and Movers.

Leave your house as clean as you would like to find your new house.

Clean as much as you can before moving day and  a final clean up when Movers are done.

Do a final walk-thru of all rooms. 


Leave remote controls for Garage Door Openers.

Label and leave all keys for new owners.



Moving with Children:


Educate the children with information about the move and include them in discussions and decisions that they understand.

Encourage them to be involved in packing before and moving day activities. Participation will help to adjust to the leaving and

arrival at the new home.




Start with the kitchen, then bathrooms and bedrooms.

Reduce the stress. Give yourselves an extra day to unpack. It may take a few evenings as well.